Focus on the Federal Council
First study on the institution and all living members


Politics and Administration

The University of Bern is at the heart of Swiss politics: It maintains an outstanding network with politics, administration, embassies as well as national organizations, associations and parties. It also offers the perfect conditions for Adrian Vatter’s examination of the “Federal Council” as an institution. The University’s natural proximity to the institutions of the federal government is additionally evident in the fact that, once a year, the Institute of Political Science holds a lecture featuring a member of the Federal Council.

But the University has an excellent international network, as well: The University of Bern’s World Trade Institute is unique in Switzerland and builds a bridge to world trade. And research in Bern is moving Switzerland forward: Monika Bandi Tanner from the Tourism Research Unit created a free e-learning course for people employed in the Swiss tourism industry: “The Fascinating World of Tourism”.