2020 at a glance

At a glance

Collaborative solutions.

The COVID crisis has also been extremely challenging for the University of Bern. Nevertheless, the University is leveraging its expertise to make a vital contribution toward efforts to overcome this crisis and serve as a catalyst for the future.

Successful research.

Bern’s researchers were highly successful in 2020 – particularly with respect to COVID-19 and ways to combat it.

New center founded to fight pandemics.

The University of Bern, with support from the Vinetum Foundation, created a multidisciplinary center to improve the way we cope with future pandemics.

Competitiveness jeopardized.

Delays in the renovation and expansion of the University’s infrastructure are jeopardizing its competitiveness. This also diminishes the development of the region as a whole.

More students.

Growth continues with a student body numbering more than 19,200. The lockdown accelerated efforts to establish new types of teaching and implement the digitalization strategy.

Overarching quality culture.

As part of the accreditation process, the University’s quality culture is being taken to the next level in a broad-based process.

Sights set on climate neutrality.

The University of Bern has set itself the goal of becoming a climate-neutral institution by 2025 in all areas in which it has a direct influence.

Greater flexibility in continuing education.

The successful continuing education portfolio is becoming increasingly digital and being fine-tuned to flexibly meet participants’ needs.

More external funding.

Proceeds stemming from national and international research funding have continued to grow. The financial consequences of the pandemic will mainly be felt in the years to come.